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They cap it at $5,000 in fees a year 
I don't believe that is correct. This is what customer service told me when I asked, and I take it to mean that all sales are subject to the new fee, except tax-exempt sales. If it's a taxable order, even if you don't actually collect sales tax in th...
Ok I just got back from chatting with Shopify - I'm here to share answers for anyone else that's curious. My major issues were about wholesale. It was confirmed that I will still be able to make draft orders tax exempt for customers in my nexus state...
I am waiting to chat with customer service, but I have a few questions about this. I sell a lot of wholesale through Shopify, which is tax exempt. Will I still be able to mark things as tax exempt? Also will my wholesale orders count towards my $100,...
Thanks for the update!!
I'm sorry I don't have any advice, but I have the same issue with books and it's so annoying, so I'm following for help!
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