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This theme I am currently editing and need assistance with is not live. I'm building it out and then plan to switch to it. 
This is the full multicolum liquid I am trying to add to the footer area: {{ 'section-multicolumn.css' | asset_url | stylesheet_tag }} {{ 'component-rte.css' | asset_url | stylesheet_tag }} <link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ 'component-slider.css' | as...
I added this section to my homepage using the multicolumn section (see below)
I want to add a multicolum section to my footer so the multicolumn shows up on every page. How would I go about that? This is how it looks right now but only on the homepage. I want this multcolumn section to show on every page. Thanks for any help!
Yes, perfect!! Thanks a lot for the quick assistance!  Here is one collection page you can see the issue I'm speaking about. The vendor name and the product names are all aligned perfect horizontally. The product prices and the free ...
I need help fixing an issue with my store. The product titles on the collection page vary in size and in turn, this is affecting how the prices appear depending on what screen you see it on. I want the price and free shipping label (see below) to all...
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