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hi @Aliza11 go in you theme code editor and look for your product page template and remove the sku liquid tag, in should be in a <p> html tag with the following class: "product-single__type"
Hi @pankaj04 then you should try to catch any error message you may receive, cause the call is technically correct you can also omit the "title" field in the "variant" object.In order to give you some additional help you should share some details on ...
hi @Ksoldier, I happen to notice that there's a "additional_styles" field into the back in stock javascript initializator you're installing on your webiste, try to put some css rules there (here's he doc
hi @kmpp57 could you give us some more details?
Hi @WBQuery Can you please tell me if I got it right, so you want to have multiple trackings for a single lineitem?Let's say you have an order with 1 product of 1 quantity and you want to fulfill this single item with multiple trackings? I don't thin...
hi @pankaj04 !The SKU field belongs to the variant object, which is nested inside the product!So you just have to create the default variant inside the product and specify the sku for it, also you would like to create a default variant for your new p...
Hi @skuntz24  unfortunately this can't be done.Customers will need to create a new account on the new shopify store with a new password.
maybe you generated a product with multiple variants?
well, @Josh99 try to simulate the different behaviour with element status override (:hov selector after the filter input) or just follow the computed styles as they change during the click -> after click events
then something else is overriding this property!You should check via chrome dev tools what's happening at the click event
@Josh99 try with :focus instead of :active
Hi @HomeFixBoutique this depends on the theme you're using at the moment.Generally should be placed in the product liquid template, find a spot where it could be nicely rendered and apply it there.Let me know if you may need a practical help in this!...
Hi @HomeFixBoutique this code is correct and it will initialize the klarna app on your website, you now need to add a "placement" message script, you should find a collection of them available in your klarna backend at
Hi @HomeFixBoutique yes totally, please share some details with mewhich is your store url?where are you trying to add the placement?which placement codes are you adding?
Hi @HomeFixBoutique , please share your issue so I can help!
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