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Thanks! I will give that a go to see if it does the trick.
Thanks @Josh_Uebergang for your answer. I will put the relevant redirects in place where I can, good shout to use the web archive too!  
Thanks @Rein! I bought the domain about 8 months ago. I have submitted my sitemap which Google has read, but I am having issues with google crawling and indexing my pages (separate thread here: https://community.shopify.com/c/ecommerce-marketing/most...
I have a problem where most pages on my website are showing as Discovered - currently not indexed in Search Console. I have my sitemap submitted (/sitemap.xml) and URLs are discovered in it. It has also been read (although last read is 3 weeks ago). ...
I have a number of URLs showing in Google Search Console (Coverage report) that are being crawled but are 404s. They URLs are old pages from when the domain was owned by the previous owner (I assume). What is the best way to deal with these? As the p...
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