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Hi Community, Does anyone have the css codes to display calculated shipping estimates before checkout, so that users don't have to type in their full address to see the shipping rates?
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Hi Pelrem, I still haven't been able to get any help with this? I have messaged you as your requested but no response.  Can you please share how to do this with me and the rest of the community? Thanks!
Hi Pelrem,This would be helpful thank you. Chat soon!
That would be awesome thanks!
Hi Shopify Community, Does anyone know if it's possible to upload our own customized email templates in pdf format for Shopify email campaigns?
Here is a screen shot example of product weights!
Hi Skye, Thank you! Can you please send a screen shot of instructions because I have added weights of each product in the shipping section.
Hi Skye, Thank you for following-up with me.  Yes I also have flat rate set up on the site. Screen Shot attached, the calculated shipping by Shopify via Canada Post is showing up as the same price for all the products   
Hi Community, On my shopify store the pre-calcluated shipping rates by Shopify via Canada Post rates seems to be showing the same rate for all the product merchandise added to the checkout cart. Has anyone had this issue on their store? Any solutions...
Hi Shopify Community, A promo code that I already deleted is still automatically pre-populating on my checkout page.  1. Does anyone know to disable a promo code from automatically populating on the checkout page? 2. Or does anyone know how to remove...
Hi Trevor,It's loading back up again on desktop. Maybe it was just a temporary glitch.
No it just started to happen after I deleted the COPY of my minimal theme. On mobile I can access the store with all the setting and everything. It's just on desktop. I logged in and out and cleared website history. I'm using safari
Hi, I am having the same issue when I log in I can no longer see anything for my store. I have no way to reach Shopify emergency contact number please help!!STORE NOT LOADING  
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