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I understand the homepage wouldn't show that even though I want it to show that. The section and the product page also does not show that unless I click play to play the video. I would like the video to be autoplayed as my customer come across to the...
Thanks Paul! I thought it would be the standard behaviour for that, however, it is not. I have the video as first media but not on autoplay. Homepage shows the second image instead and does not play the video. 
I plan to add a few videos here and there as first product media, with "Show second image on hover" working as well, if needed.Can anyone help with the code?Theme is Dawn V12 url: https://ccrcd7sorebgzvy2-4273045613.shopifypreview.com Many thanks  
Awesome!! Thanks a lot Dan! For the video to autoplay as first product image would you be able to help as well? like on this page https://www.liveoficial.com.br/search?q=top%20duo
Thank you Dan, It changed to bold but not red though I even tried to use the color code instead but did not work either 
I want to change a specific collection's color in menu/nav to a different color Dawn Theme V12.Any help would be very much appreciated. Also, keen to get autoplay loop video as first image on products including in home page, etc... Image shows an exa...
https://la5q2yw0epuwf389-4273045613.shopifypreview.com Got it! Thanks a lot
https://wavefit.co.nz/?_ab=0&_fd=0&_sc=1 there is no password though thanks
Hi Dan, I could though it is not published yet. I am currently migrating from debut theme to Dawn. Not sure if that changes anything? Cheers
Trying Automatically Resize The Banner When On Mobile So The Ends Are Not Cut Off - Using Dawn Theme V12
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