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The only solution is to manage the DNS of your domain through Cloudflare. You can use a free cloudflare account to do this. 
Hi @love5 @ademide @Jeraz101, you can create a free account on Cloudflare and manage the DNS settings through there. That will fix it. 
Any news on this @Shay ? All my tickets were closed by Shopify, had a couple of tickets. 
Hi Ademide, have you redirected the URL? Is it working? 
Wish it was that easy, but nope this doesn't work. 
Feature request: Please allow us to show other payment methods and/or manual payment methods (such as bank deposit) for countries not in the primary market. When using Shopify payments this gets disabled. 
It looks like all manual payment methods and other payment methods are disabled for countries that are not the primary market in Markets when using Shopify Payments. This makes totally no sense why Shopify has done this. The primary market for the st...
Thank you, I guess I'll have to look for a developer. Anyone out here that would like to take up this challenge?
Hello, can anyone recommend an existing theme that can do the below? Or will this need to be custom developed? Basically its 1 product showing the 2 different style variants on the top. And below it 3 columns and x rows with the colour variations and...
Since the release of Summer 22 I've noticed that the Staff notifications aren't sending/received anymore to the email address from the same domain. They used to work prior to the new Shopify release. The test email notification isn't arriving either....
Is there any way to turn off Shopify Markets or opt out of it entirely? Others might love it but it's a total pain in my experience since it's introduced for smaller shops not on the advanced plan. 
Hi, sorry I was working very hard to put the site online. It's finally public so you can see it: We'd like the footer to be a dropdown like on
Sorry for the late reply, this was not needed anymore because the normal megamenu was sufficient. However do you think it's possible to make the footer the same as on the screenshot? With the dropdowns to expand the contents. 
Video of which part? I'll try my best to get it. 
Can but can't, because it's a live store. We're migrating themes. You won't see the theme I'm working on ☹️
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