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Can you message me? I can't message you but would love to talk through the product with you.
Great, I am having calls with early customers now. Message me and we can set up some time.
I don't think so. This may only apply to apps using the storefont api. Im not built for shopify yet so not 100% sure. 
just realized i didn't put it in the original post. It's called iziGift.
We have started the build of this. If you're interested, comment below and I will DM you. We are going to make it free for the first few users so we can get everything ironed out. Talk soon,Henry 
Hey @Awwink you're not receiving this option because this is not possible with Shopify. In order to do this you would need to utilize a 3rd party app. My app iziGift we recently created this capability so you can do it directly from within your Shopi...
Hey, I followed up with you via PM. Please respond when you have a moment. Henry
I am working on something to fix this for people. If you're interested please message me. I'd love to help you as well.   My thought it you will need to build an app based on the Shopify api. I have developed two apps and think this may be my third. ...
I don't believe you can do that part. BTW, if this solved your question can you like and mark answered? Thanks!
If you're selling these why are you issuing them? I would imagine once you sell them through the site the email gets sent to the customer and then in your orders section you can see if its a paper voucher then fulfill as necessary. I think I may be m...
Go to Shopify settings-> payments.Then where it says Shopify payments click manage.There shut off paypal and any brands you don't want.
can you show us where you are making the update and the error you are receiving? 
I don't think so. The way I would imagine you would have to do it is have employees add their name as a tag on orders after they fulfill them then see if you can run a report of tagged fulfilled orders by employee name. Im not 100% sure you can do th...
Hey @Sindlandjacobs, This is something I could see me building into my app iziGift. It doesn't do it right now but you can bulk generate gift cards all that would be missing it sounds like is tagging them to the company. Let me know if you want to ex...
Did you figure this out. I just tested it on my POS and it is there.
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