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That's perfect! Thank you so much 
Hi Namphan, sorry I wasn’t clear.I meant I would like the “meme london sale up to 60% sitewide” to be on the location marked   Thank you  
Hi,  Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, the layout didn't seems to change at all 
Hey,I want to move the text in the picture slideshow on mobile (Dawn Theme). But whenever I change the padding in the CSS code, the background image also gets bigger. Am I doing something wrong? My website is: 
Hi @ThePrimeWeb  Yes, I finally figured out the way to fix it. Thank you 
Hi @ThePrimeWeb Yes it's and here: thank you 
Hello, I've finally discovered a solution to enable video autoplay on hover for my product grid. By implementing the following code on my product-grid-item.liquid file, I was able to achieve the desired result. Now, videos play automatically when a u...
Hi, Theme: Impulse 3.6.0I have a brand that provides short video of products.1) When a product is hovered, a secondary image appears, id like the video to be on the collection page as the secondary image that will autoplay on hover. 2) When a custome...
Hi everyone, Is it possible to remove the line/box around the button on the header slide shows (only on mobile view) as shown below (FYI there is no options on the themes menu to remove it):      My website address is: HTTP:// thank...
Hi, is there any way to delete unused tags from shopify, not only from the products? or to rename tags instead of adding new tag? it seems that shopify doesn't have any options / setting to do so.
Hi @Moeed , my URL is, do you need my password as well?
Hi, is it possible to add the margin between the --product photo, product title, SKU, and price-- on the left side of the page? The product title and price seem too close to the left side of the page on mobile (as in the photo). I use Impulse theme. ...
Hello, I wonder if there is any setting to center product title and price in collection without modifying code in impulse theme? thank you.
Hi, thank you for the answer but my question is under the product title on products collection page, not the product page. Product collection page is the one showing the products in a collection. EDIT: Thank you, it works as well on product collectio...
Hi guys, How to add SKU under Product Title in collection Impulse Theme? Thank you.
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