Hi all, I'm trying to link the "shop now button" to the catalog I created in the "main menu" links. or simply how to create a "button/inner link" that links to the "navigation bar". is anyone know o...
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Features we are interested to have are: changes should be apply the original order*Catch product weight.Change the product shipping weight.customer can see in his orders history the changes.    
Hey there, Any update on this? 
Do you think in the feature there will be an option to also sell items by unit. Like selling meat/fruits by the LB for example?
this is an important feature for me too 
Hey there! any update with this one?
it seems while TEL:// works, I would like to have a SMS:// URL work in my Shopify theme (Sense/Dawn). I purchased a plan for text messaging support (using services like SimpleTexting, etc.) since I'm running this business solo, and answer queries thr...
Hey there, I'm facing same issue with sense/Dawn themes. I tried using the replace filter at the header.liquid file but it didn't workd, any idea where the links file is or how to solve this on these themes? Also is there a different between 'tel:' t...
Hey there, since its not a theme that made by shopify i think the developers that made this theme would know what could be the problem. I would try also to copy this code '' {% section 'newsletter' %} " to theme.liquid ( online store > themes > actio...
Hey! Which theme do you use? 
Hey everyone!is anyone know of a property that can tell if the order was created by the shop or by the customer. maybe can be found in the order object. the reason I'm looking for it, because i want to send an email to customers depends by whom the o...
Hey, all!is anyone found a solution for this? its not clear if we can change this from the email templates (@setting>notifications>..Thanks, Menny! 
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