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Hello everyone, I have tried to apply a discount for paid items but I cannot find clear documentation on the subject, could someone help me with an example of how to apply a discount to products from Checkout UI Extensions?   
Hola a todos, he intentado aplicar un descuento para artículos de pago pero no encuentro documentación clara sobre el tema, ¿alguien podría ayudarme con un ejemplo de cómo aplicar un descuento a productos desde extensiones de UI de pago?  
Hello everyone, I am trying to add a note to the orders of my store, the content of the note is a json but I see that not all the orders are added the note, what could be happening? Thank you in advance for your help.The code I use is the following: ...
Hello @SidouLF , thank you very much for your answer, my store has a shopify plus account, and what I need is to open a modal from the checkout for them I have created a page and from the modal I want to show it.
Hello everyone, I have a query, is it possible to invoke a web page from the checkout? I normally call a page like this: {{ pages.coupons-deals-checkout.content }} , but when I do the same from checkout it doesn't work. Does anyone know anything abou...
Hi all, we would like to add a city and province dropdown selector for ECUADOR. Does anyone have any recommendations for that? We want users to select their city and after the selection we want them to select their province (it should be noted that o...
Hello everyone, I have a question and if anyone has information I would appreciate your help: is it possible to use coupons and automatic promotions at the same time?Thanks
Hi, how did you create your own order status page? can you please show me your code?
Hello everyone, can someone please help me with this request: I need to create a page that by typing the email and the order number will show me general information about the order, is this possible?   Thank u 
Hi, there is a simple way to add discount codes before checking out, this is what I do in my store:In the cart-drawer.liquid file I add an input with the name of the previously created discount and at the time of checking out it should already appear...
Hi everyone, could someone help me with this question: How can I get what is the collection associated with a discount code from the script editor?Thanks
Hello everyone, I would appreciate the help of someone who can guide me in this matter:I am making changes to the checkout.liquid page because I need to add tags on top of each user-selected item, but when I edit the page (add or remove liquid items)...
Hello everyone, I would appreciate the help of someone who can guide me in this matter:I have two values to show in my store's shopping cart:-1 subtotal of the products that the customer has chosen-2 subtotal of the products chosen with a discount fo...
Hi @oscprofessional.Thanks for your interest in helping me, it really is something very similar to what the Shopify Flow app does, which is to remove customer tags through a condition. in my particular case I require through the shopify api to remove...
Hi, I'd really appreciate anyone who can help me with the following query related to removing a specific customer tag, what should be the endpoint used to make this request?
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