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Hi,  I have a issue hope someone can help me.  We have items in multiple colors. See below. A jacket with 6 colors, color swatch are neatly displayed.This articles we upload when we had less then 1000 articles online.
Hi,  The QR code is this url: But on the end you see an serial number 100001, but that can go up 199999 Finally all the old url need to redirect to .  Thanks 
HI All,  We are a fashion brand and our hang tags have QR codes.We want to redirect the Qr codes to a page. But all articles have a different QR code. How can I redirect different QR codes to 1 page with 1 redirect. EAN code is of course the same for...
Yes but the you change all the colors, i dont want to change the Repon_choise_labelI only want to change the NEw label.  span.spf-product__label {z-index: 1 !important;}span.spf-product__label.new_label {/* background: #C78412!important; */color: #ff...
span.spf-product__label {z-index: 1 !important;}span.spf-product__label.new_label {/* background: #C78412!important; */color: #fff !important;}span.spf-product__label.repon_choise_label {/* background: #F94C43!important; */color: #fff !important;left...
@DelightCart will all labels changed to this color Sale and New? 
Hi, im looking for labels in different colors. I have already label sitting but is not working anymore. Please help me
Dear All,  We have a problem with our shopping cart. As soon as a customer wants more than one item from 1 item, he can add these to the item card, but only 1 is added when adding. You can leave it with + add. SEE photo below.We have a problem with o...
Hoi,  Ik heb problemen dat onze site niet snel genoeg is, kan iemand mij helpen.  Gr Sebastiaan. 
HI All, We now show all sizes, but if it is not available we have a notification button.Only customers do not know quickly whether something is actually in stock.That's why I thought maybe I should also cross the sizes if they are not available. My q...
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