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Hey @Jasong34, I would recommend using a charity/fundraising app. Collecting customer donations in your cart or post-purchase is probably your best bet.There are a few options, but my (slightly biased) recommendation would be to check out Virtue - Ch...
Hey @jake_mitchell,Do you just have products on your store that count as donations or are you also using cart donations?Westen
Hey,Not sure if you heard a private response to this or not but I would be interested to know if it is possible. Westen
Hey @Daniel , I know that there are a few donation/charity apps on Shopify, is there a reason that you mentioned those 3?Let me know, or feel free to send ma a PM. Cheers, Westen
Hey @s4 Took a look at @Daniel's response and you are in good hands with those recommendations.One thing that we have found (at virtue)  which may help is to show the impact of your donations to the customers ... eg showing on the site that for every...
Hey @Holly This is an incredible article, very clear and concise. One of the hardest factors in converting someone from a prospect --> Customer --> Client. Discounting absolutely works but it can be a short term win. Anyone who is jumping from discou...
Hey @doobert , I think I know what you mean. If you want to set custom donation amount based on cart value you can try the Virtue app (formerly Pledger Charity Donations).Let me know if you're looking for something else as there are alternatives that...
Just following up on this @Tsnz , did you find an answer?
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