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Hello @Guleria , This is amazing. I spent hours working on it. This took me less than a minute to fix. Thank you!
Hello there,The corresponding photo changes when I select drop down variants but the drop down variant doesn't change when I click on the corresponding photo.Here's what my site looks like:  See, the selected photo is actually a 2.5" x 2.5" size. Wha...
Hey @WackyT , did you find any solution to this?
Thing is, I was able to do it with Personalization and if my clients want to change the name.Can't I make 2 line item property fields at a time? Or do you think it's best to get an app?
Wow, looks good. How do we go about it? I want to see it in mobile, as well.Also, do we have answers with having 2 line item property field? Is it possible?In Shopify Admin, order page, this shows: See that personalize shows but other instructions do...
Hey,No password but it's www.cqprintsph.comThanks a lot!
Hello, This is how my product page looks like:  1) I would like to know where I can find within the codes on how I can change the position of my options, variants and quantity so it can look like this:2.) Is there a way where I can change the width o...
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