About retry after webhook orders / paid error

About retry after webhook orders / paid error

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Always I am indebted.
There is a confirmation about retry when webhook orders / paid error occurs.

Currently, I am having trouble with an unexplained error in the webhook orders / paid job.
When I looked into the content of the exception being sent, it said that there was no shop domain.
Below is the error log of php Laravel.

ERROR: {“exception”: “[object] (Osiset \\ ShopifyApp \\ Exceptions \\ MissingShopDomainException (code: 0): at / home / XXXXXX / www / XXXXXXX / 23_web / vendor / osiset / laravel-shopify / src / ShopifyApp / Http / Middleware / AuthShopify.php: 341)

I investigated if there was a problem with the code we wrote, but the error seems to have occurred before we reached the code we wrote.
We suspect that the OrdersPaidJob data may be sent without the shop domain included.
Also, it seems that this error occurs when retrying after a job error.
Is it possible that the information in webhook orders / paid does not include the Shop Domain?

I will attach the error email and the delivery log of orders / paid.
Some parts related to the confidentiality of private companies are hidden.



I would appreciate it if you could answer.

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Those errors indicate that we are not able to reach the destination and/or that the destination is taking too long to respond with 200 OK. We will continue to retry several times but eventually, the subscription will get deleted if you're not able to successfully receive the webhook.

Please check that your webhooks are indeed set up with the correct destination host and that your service is operational and responds with a 200 OK.



To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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thank you for your answer.

We have confirmed that this webhook orders / paid is set on the correct destination host. If an error occurs for some reason, it will not be delivered because the shop domain does not exist in the second and subsequent webhook orders / paid retries.
For the second and subsequent webhook orders / paid retries, the shop domain that existed the first time is null.
Will it be?

I would appreciate it if you could answer.