Access to cookies in webhooks

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Hi there,


I have found some old topics related to this, however, I thought I would still give this a shot and ask

Is it possible to access frontend cookies in the webhooks ?


If not, is there any other way to do that without hacking around too much?

From my POV it looks like a pretty needed feature, any reasons behind as to why it is not done?

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Hi Emil,

What exactly are you trying to achieve? There are ways to send custom data through with a webhook but they are situation specific and will only be applicable to some webhooks.



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Hi Elliott,


I am trying to achieve that in cart_create/update webhook. There's a generated cookie from our service on every product page view. When the user ads an item to cart, I'd like to access that cookie in the webhook.


It would be cool to also mark/modify the cookie so that the front end app could acknowledge it next time the user visits a product page