Re: Access to customer data through cart/create topic webhook

Access to customer data through cart/create topic webhook

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Hello everyone, I hope you are all well.

I have an private app where I manage webhooks that send requests to an endpoint. On this endpoint, I want to be able to access user information, such as phone number. When the webhook topic is "order/creation" or "checkouts/creation", everything is fine. But when it comes to "carts", I can't get this information. How can I solve this?

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Hi @GustavoTofolo 


You could use an Checkout or Order's cart_token field to reconcile the data with your webhooks after the customer has gone through the checkout, but none of the cart webhooks include customer fields. 


If you have any more details on the specifics of your use case I would be happy to pass that feedback onto our product teams too. 



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