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I am facing an issue which is completely described in the following. Shopify Support is unable to resolve my issue. I have attached a video and screenshots for further help. If anyone has a solution to this then please let me know.


1- What is happening?
We made a video for you to better understand. []

2- What's the expected behavior?
The extra tab should not open.

3- Timeframe
Start of this year Shopify forces us to Implement an amazon event bridge to avoid this issue (

4- What steps do we need to take to replicate this issue? 
5- What has been tried to remedy the situation so far? OR What research has been done to remedy the situation? 
    App Upgrade: We have upgraded our app through our partner account to ensure that it is using the latest version.[]
    Event Bridge Integration: We have followed Shopify's recommended best practices by implementing Event Bridge for webhooks to ensure seamless communication with Shopify's platform.  
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Hey @Morgan_Goodwin 


Thanks for the video! This looks like it's related to the admin domain change.


The new domain improves load times for apps in the admin, but requires app developers to make some software updates. Third-party apps that haven’t yet been updated will temporarily open in a new tab using the old domain, so you can continue to use them. All apps are required to update by September 2023.


Here's what you'll need to do.

Scott | Developer Advocate @ Shopify