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I have created many a apps on shopify previously and have successfully submitted over 4 apps in the past 1 year. But this app that I am working has been rejected 2 times because of verify webhook is not working according to the shopify.


I am using API Version 2022-01 and using REST API. The code above is a middleware that I use before every webhook route. I add added a bodyParser condition to add rawBody as a buffer on routes that start with the character webhook.




Please help me, failing in the next app submission may disable the app submission for a few weeks.

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Hi there,


I tested the verify webhook method and it works just fine. 


I think your problem is that you are assigning req.rawBody the buffer.. just try to pass in req.body but make sure it's a string.


Make sure you test it before you submit it again.


Oh this worked for me:



crypto.createHmac('SHA256', secret ).update(body).digest('base64');​



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