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Hi everyone,


We submitted our app for review and until that completes I have a few of questions:


1. How to handle different plans? For example, we started with one-time payments that includes to import 10k contacts.


However, I haven't been able to find how to be notified when someone upgrades a plan? Let's say someone wants to purchase additional 30k contacts (upgrade plan)? I have no idea where to create additional plans and how to handle that (be notified that someone purchased)?


2. Visitors on our website can purchase an app and Shopify is one integration. This means that they can find us on Google, for example, purchase an app and then decide to add Shopify integration.


This means users already purchased and obviously there is no need to purchase on the Shopfiy marketplace.


However, some users will find us on the marketplace, and that means they need to pay on Shopify which is fine to  us.

Does this sound ok (ToS, etc)?


Thank you.

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Anyone? Thanks 🙂

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Hi 👋

The Shopify Billing API is mandatory for all 
public apps that want to charge merchants, unless you have been otherwise notified by Shopify.

Because your app will charge merchants, you will need to implement this with the Shopify Billing API. Your app will make an API call to Shopify creating a charge. If this charge is successful then your app can update what features to show the merchant.

For more detailed explantation check out the docs here! 

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.