Automated Webhook Check Failing On HMAC Verification For Mandatory Webhooks failed

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I believe I have configured my mandatory webhooks correctly. But the automated webhook HMAC signature verification which is done when submitting an app for the store listing review keeps failing for me. I have verified that the webhook works as expected in two ways: 1- When I install my app in a test store, and uninstall it, after around 2 days I get a call to my webhook for data removal, as expected. It is processed normally and returns a 200 as documented. 2- If I call the webhook e.g. using cURL with an invalid payload containing a wrong signature, I get a 401 as expected. 3- I can see my webserver logs for both cases. However, when running the automated shopify verification, I can't see any logs. It simply fails after a 5-15mins with no specific error or anything. So I can't really troubleshoot what's going on, as it doesn't seem that Shopify is actually calling my webhooks with any data. How exactly is this verification being done then?


I encountered the same problem like this,but no solution was found

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DId you find a solution? Facing the same thing

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Same issue here, we need help from shopify people, documentation is really unclear and we have no logs to know what's wrong.
I also configured the mandatory webhooks with hmac verification but it's not working.
Did anyone find a solution please ?