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Hi, as a partner (we have an app in the shopify appstore), we would like to send automatic notifications to customers (billing, welcome, unsubscribe).


Shopify support confirmed it is set by default, but cannot confirm what notifications exactly (and then if i have to set webhooks to make some notifications in real time).


If it is very clear for stores with a dedicated page in the help center, i do not know where i can find a list of automatic notifications send by shopify in our dashboard?


Thank you


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I'm not totally sure what you are looking for so you might want to elaborate on what you want exactly if the following answer doesn't really cover it.


By notifications, I'm guessing you mean e-mails. There is no built-in thing in Shopify for Partners to use. You'll have to integrate with an email service for every trigger that you register. I can recommend a service like SendGrid. They have a generous free plan and their paid plans are very fairly prices compared to similar services.


But then the triggers.

Those can be webhooks. You can find a full list of webhooks on which you can subscribe here:
For "welcome", there is no actual webhook. You have to track this yourself. When your callback URL hits you can check if you have an instance of that store in your database, if not, you know they're new and you can send them a welcome email.

For "billing", there also isn't a webhook I believe. But when a merchant accepts a charge, they're redirected to a URL you have passed with the request for a billing URL from Shopify. When the user hits that, you know they've accepted the charge.

And I don't know what you mean by "unsubscribe" but if you mean "uninstall" then there's a webhook for that.


I hope this helps.

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