Billing API for applications and webhooks

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Hi guys ! 

We've been building an application for month that was, yesterday, finally accepted by shopify to be on the app store !
However, as of the begin of 2021, breaking changes appear using billing API. In our case, that's not a big deal, i'll just refacto our billing microservice to fit the transition from pending to activate and not pending to accepted.
Where our confusion occurs is when we saw that there was new Webhooks introduced in the 2021-01 API. As you may know, webhooks "subscription_contracts/create", "subscription_contracts/update", "subscription_billing_attempts/failure", "subscription_billing_attempts/success", have been added but i can't figure out if it's webhooks that are triggered when a app billing success/fail or if it's related to another resource.
We do not work with graphql API so it's confusing on what's the purpose of these hooks.


Have a nice day,
Thanks !

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These webhooks are to do with the new Subscriptions API.


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Hi, thanks for you reply !

So if i understand correctly, it's not related to the App Billing API ?
Actually, to check the status of our merchant's billing, we use a CRON task that's handle every day at night.
I thought that these new webhooks were related to this API so it can reduce the complexity of the billing check. (I know that there's a webhook to handle this case on the GraphQL API however as we already have an extreme complexity with microservices, I don't want to use it right now)

Thanks !