Bug while creating Webhook Subscription through Admin REST API

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Hi Shopify Team!

We are encountering a very strange issue while trying to create a webhook subscription through the ADMIN REST API for a Custom App, using the /admin/api/2022-01/webhooks.json endpoint with HTTP POST METHOD.

The expected successful response would have HTTP status 201 and contain the information about the webhook that was just created. Instead of this, we are receiving  HTTP status 200 and the following response body:
{ "webhooks": [] } which is clearly wrong, and it seems to behave as if we were using HTTP GET method, which we are definitely not, and of course the webhook is not actually created when this happens.

We also tried using other versions of the API but with no luck. We believe this is an issue on Shopify's end and is probably affecting other Custom Apps too.

Screenshot of the request/response we are getting:


Hope to hear back from you soon!

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Hi @mhengineering we are unable to replicate this issue in our testing for webhooks create. If you would like to share an x-request-id from your calls we could check our log data for any further details. 

KB77 | API Support @ Shopify
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