Bulk import product with the GraphQL API - require access 'read_inventory' or 'wirte_inventory'

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We noticed that starting on  2023-4-13(UTC-8), a batch push job with Graphql would fail and not receive a subscription message from the webhook for that failed job for over 1 hour. This happens to some of our APP's shop domain. So, we suspect the following possibilities:

1. Whether shopify has updated some permission scope Settings since April 13th.

2. Is there something wrong with the setting of our APP?

3. There is a problem in the setting of our customer's store.


We found a problem before reply (A similar question and answer as before ), but for the operation of the second and third steps, we did not find the corresponding operation entry in the app management page. If our question is the same as the previous one, we need more detailed instructions. Such as urls, operation screenshots and so on.


Appended to the file is a screenshot of the response that we got when the task failed, following the instructions in the API documentation "Option B. Poll the status of the operation", as well as a screenshot of the error log file.


Looking forward to your prompt reply.

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