Can't monitor webhook deliveries

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Hi! I have webhooks setup in my Shopify Store related to order and customer creation which works well and as intended. However, I do want to monitor them and view potentially failed deliveries as the recommended approach in troubleshooting webhooks documentation.


I believe my issue is that I don't quite understand the difference between the Shopify Admin dashboard and the Partner Dashboard. I already have a Shopify Store up and running, and this was not created through the Partner Dashboard. I am now registered as a Partners account with the same email as the store owner in my shop, and I can't figure out how to retrieve the webhook metrics. I have tried creating an app but I haven't had any success in connecting it to my Shopify store, nor do I know if this is the correct approach. I have also granted access to another Partner account email (which is not a staff account in the Shopify Store) in an attempt to make them create and install and app, but without success.


Any tips are very appreciated! 🙂

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