Creating webhook

Creating webhook

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I have a rather unorthodox issue, which I believe requires Shopify developer support team assistance but maybe others can help too?
So the the situation is that our Print on demand company is in the process of developing a Shopify app and are currently testing several stores by creating webhooks between our newly developed system and a merchant Shopify store.
The issue is with two of our stores. Webhooks are not creating therefore the order info is not being passed to our system for fulfilment.
To be more specific:
There are two stores that are having issues with creating a webhook - orders/create
Request POST: https://[shop name]/admin/api/2023-01/webhooks.json
BODY: "webhook": {
"address": "",
"topic": "orders/create",
"format": "json"
Shopify API returns 'Status Ok' and in response:
"webhooks": []
But no webhook was created so the orders are not passed to our POD system.
Please look into this from Shopify side if possible and provide me with any adjustments needed in the merchant stores to be able to create the webhook successfully.
Please help me out with this.

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Hey Jedgars, did you have any solution for the case? I am facing the same problem now.