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Customers with Shopify Store using Recharge App

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Hi! I have customers that have a Shopify store with a Recharge app being used to manage prepaid subscription products. Since the checkout is being processed by Shopify for these prepaid subscription products, it looks like any refund action that would happen would have to be applied using the Shopify refund API. So I have the following questions below:


  • Does the Shopify calculate post request have the ability to calculate a refund for a prepaid subscription being managed by the Recharge App? If so, how?
  • If the calculate post request can't be used, what do others use to calculate the refund for a prepaid subscription managed by Recharge that is cancelled?
  • Can Shopify API queries be used to find order information related to the subscription and see how many shipments have been fulfilled for a prepaid subscription?

I know that Shopify acquired Recharge recently, so I'm curious about how much information from Recharge is about to be seen using Shopify's API.

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