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Difference between the orders/updated and orders/edited webhooks

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Naively these two webhooks sound rather similar. From the somewhat sparse documentation at, I can see that the message bodies have a different format but I was wondering when exactly these events fire. From some tests I've run it seems that many changes to an order fire orders/updated but not orders/edited. When does orders/edited fire? Is it just for changes to order line items?

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Hello, @Josh_Davis1!

I just checked with the orders team and the main difference is that 'orders/edited' is sent when the content of an order changes the value of goods sold (such as when a cross-sell offer is accepted at checkout), and 'orders/updated' changes whenever the order is updated at all (including when an 'orders/edited' webhook is triggered).

I agree that the documentation could be better. I have added this as an item for us to look into.

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Hi James,

Thank you for the response; that clears it up for me. And thank you for adding the documentation to the to-do list.