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Do not receive APP UNINSTALLED (app/uninstalled) webhook from Shopify (the webhook is registered)

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Hi every one and, especially @_JB ,


I am testing with the webhook "app/uninstalled". It seems that the registration to listen to the event of uninstalling an app was successful. And here is what I receive when calling to /admin/api/2022-04/webhooks.json:



"id": ***37314,
"address": "https://{{my_URL}}/ecom/shp/callback/app/uninstalled",
"topic": "app/uninstalled",
"created_at": "2022-02-28T19:12:46+11:00",
"updated_at": "2022-02-28T19:12:46+11:00",
"format": "json",
"fields": [],
"metafield_namespaces": [],
"api_version": "2021-04",
"private_metafield_namespaces": []



However, when I uninstalled some apps from my test store I did not receive any notification from Shopify.
Specifically, for Shopify Staff, please help to check the related log in Shopify system for the uninstallation of the app 5763571.


In addition, please note that, we have built a logging system to keep track and handle with response with notification from Shopify. And when checking our log system, we also do not see any signal/notification from Shopify web-hook when we reinstalled the app(s).

So please take a moment to look into the issue and help me.

Many thanks.

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