Duplicate CarrierService API calls - happens for around 10days now

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we seem to experience a wired behaviour with CarrierService API calls since a few days now.

It seems that we get send the exact same API request multiple times during a checkout request.

Here is what seem to happens:

* Customer puts items in the cart in a store that has our app installed

* In the checkout process the customer puts in the shipping address - lets assume a store in DE and a customer in US
* The page with the shipping rates is shown
    - we get an API call via the carrierService endpoint and return the rate - all fine

   - the rate is displayed and can be chosen be the customer

* the customer then proceeds to the payment page, puts in his payment info and completes the order

* now the strange thing happens - we get 1 or 2 more carrierService calls from shopify
Most of the time one has identical info to the sometimes one we had before and another one with random destination info.

This behaviour seem to have started a few days ago - we did not find it in our logs on any merchant store before that.
Any idea what kind of changes on Shopify end could cause this and if that is an expected behaviour from now on, or just an misbehaviour that will be fixed?

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