Duplicate Facebook Ad Events - help identifying source

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Please help!!

I have recently realised that Facebook Ads Manager has been massively over reporting its results, perhaps even doubling them. This means I have paid way too much to Facebook and also to my Ads Manager. 


I had a call with a Meta technical pro who said my Pixel setup looks ok from his end. He tried optimising and running a 4 day text traffic campaign, and I should have follow up call soon. However I want to try to gain insight ahead of the call. 


The Meta Pro showed me that there were duplicate events firing in the Test Event tool and I took the attached screenshot. He said all of the events were coming from Shopify, as they all say 'Partner Integration'. He said the eventIDs starting with SH were Shopify events, but there are other events which do not start with SH. 


He said they could be something like Google Tags for example?

I have no idea! Could anyone shed any insight on this?

I have just installed Meta Pixel Helper and done a purchase test on my website and it does not show any duplicate events on there - so I'm confused.


Test Event Screenshot.png


Thank you! 

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