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Good afternoon.


I would like to find the appropriate contact to integrate our WMS via EDI with your Shopify API, as we want to venture into e-commerce for our new Business-to-Consumer (B2C) clients.


We have the availability and time to carry out this integration. It is urgent that you can direct us to integration specialists.


please let me know or give me a correct contact to disscuss with our company a solution to make this possible

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Shopify Staff
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Hi Gil2023,


Thanks for getting in touch here - do you have any specific questions on how you'd expect to create this integration? You'd likely be using the Fulfilment resource of our Admin API, so our developer docs on this resource will be helpful. I'd also recommend reading our docs on fulfillment service apps and overview on fulfilment apps too. If you have specific support questions you can contact Shopify Partner support via your Partner Dashboard via the "Support" tab.


Hope this helps!

Liam | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 
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do you have any specific questions on how you'd expect to create this integration?



We have our own wms but we want to connect it to shopify in case any of our customers receive their orders through shopify and from there automatically transfer the orders via EDI to our wms and be able to process the orders, pack them and send them from the warehouse where the products are stored. products of our client

We would like to have contact with someone who is an expert in this subject to be able to talk and start the project. Is it possible?????



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There is no straight to EDI thing that shopify has, this needs to be coded or you need to find a company out there that has some sort of EDI app that they sell.


This project could be relatively easy, or a whole bunch of work depending on what level of integration you need with your WMS.


You need to create some sort of server application that can listen for and receive webhooks from shopify, then act on these webhook requests from Shopify.  For instance, when a new order webhook is is received by your server it would then pull in the order details from the shopify API using the ID from the webhook payload.  Then your app would parse the order into EDI, send it to your WMS, then acknowledge the order as received via the shopify API.


Your server application would likely need to be setup to handle oauth requests from shopify and an app added to the shopify app store for it and go through the review process.  This is how you would obtain API access keys for individual shopify stores.


If you have no idea what I am talking about then you need to hire a developer.

Shopify Partner
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Hi @Gil2023 - I have provide you the right solution to integrate your Shopify with the WMS via EDI. I can walkthrough the process of integration and get it done for you. In case, you want to take order updates from WMS back to Shopify (e.g. order status, tracking details), this can be done also. You can reach out to me directly in private message and we can take it from there.



Shopify Partner
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Good morning!  Our product seamlessly connects Shopify with EDI.  We have several EDI documents that are built to integrate directly with Shopify.  


850 - Purchase Order (both create in Shopify and extract from Shopify)

810 - Invoice (create an invoice from Shopify or create from QBO)

846 - Product inventory

856 - Advance Ship notice

855 - Purchase Order Acknowledgement


Feel free to check out our website www.simplifyec.com or reach out directly at contact@lmints.io.


Thank you