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Hello Shopify Community,


We recently received an email from Shopify regarding an issue with webhooks, but upon checking the Shopify Partners admin in the Webhooks dashboard, we couldn't find any error or report of deleted webhooks. 


Fulfillment requests from shop [shopName] to fulfillment service [fulfillmentName] failed. The maximum number of retries (19) has been reached and the request will not be retried.


We're seeking clarification on the following:

  1. Why are we receiving this email if there are no visible errors or deleted webhooks in the dashboard?
  2. Where can we find more detailed information about the contents of this email?
  3. Should we be concerned about any potential issues or actions we need to take?


Any insights or assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help.



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Hi MustafaAcar,


This does sound unusual that there's no errors or deleted webhooks appearing on the partner dash. I've checked with our events team to see if we can get any other info on this. 

Liam | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 
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Thanks for your response Liam, we will be watching for any news regarding this issue.

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Hi Liam,

I wanted to bring to your attention an ongoing issue regarding the fulfillment request. We've been consistently receiving emails reporting a problem with it.

Upon investigating the server log, we've observed an anomaly: right after the orders_paid webhook is received, we also encounter the fulfillment_request_submitted event. This strikes us as odd, considering we believe the fulfillment request to be a manual process. There's a possibility it could be a bug.

Additionally, we've noticed discrepancies in the dashboard data. While the dashboard indicates X amount of deliveries with 0% failed deliveries, the webhook detail suggests otherwise, showing no deliveries at all.

Any assistance or insights you can provide on resolving these discrepancies would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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I'm writing to inform you that the issue appears to have been resolved satisfactorily. Upon investigation, it was discovered that a URL (callback_url) was misconfigured during the creation of the fulfillment service. Consequently, Shopify attempted to call this URL, resulting in a 400 error due to its absence. The necessary correction has been made to ensure a proper 200 response, and as a result, we have not received the reported email. It's worth noting that these 400 errors are not visible in the webhooks dashboard.


Thank you for your assistance.