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Question about what happens to a webhook that fails and is removed.


Is the failing webhook removed JUST for that given store? Or are all webhooks registered with other stores removed/disabled as well? The same URL is used for all webhooks registered against all the stores.


What happened: we were notified of a store's webhook failing and it was removed. We assumed it was for that particular store. Now looking back, it seems our webhook endpoint has not had any traffic from any stores since.



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Webhooks are registered per store, the assumption would be that the webhook is removed only for the store it was replying with a code different from 200. Which of your webhooks got removed specifically?

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Ok that matches what my assumption was.


The webhook orders/create was removed from the offending store.


All other stores still have that webhook registered, but we have not recieved any events from the other stores for a week now.