From a fresh Remix app template, to execute a function on the ORDERS_PAID. What are the steps?

Shopify Partner
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The goal 🎯is to share some shop's data with a third-party API, as soon as a customer has paid the order.


  • Subscribed to the ORDERS_PAID webhook topic, https://{store}/admin/api/2024-01/webhooks.json returns webhook;
  • Get the messages on ORDERS_PAID events in the google Pub/Sub. ⚠️Tried to console.log() webhook's payload locally, failed; ⚠️Tried to make via HTTPS - failed, didn't install the ngrok or other tunneling apps.


How to get webhook payload in the local app?

It will be great to get a step by step plan from an expirienced in that topic developers. How you suggest to implement the goal 🎯?

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