Fulfillment service app: Merchants cancelling fulfillment request/fulfillment cancellation request

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Following this tutorial for creating a fulfillment service app here: (https://shopify.dev/apps/fulfillment/fulfillment-service-apps). But I've run into a scenario that I don't know how to handle correctly.


When the merchant sends a fulfillment request (and the app has yet to accept or reject it), they are given the option to cancel it (Cancel request). If they do, then the order is in such a state that it can't be accepted or rejected, which makes sense. 


So my questions are:

  • Should an app always check the request_status or any other status for that matter on the fulfillment order, before accepting/rejecting it? Or is there a better way to handle this?
  • Is there a web hook that triggers on merchant cancelling these requests?



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