Fulfillment services and locations

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We're developing a fulfilment app for Shopify merchants to use for pick and packing of their orders.

At first the fulfilment service flow seemed like the right thing to use, as the merchant could request/cancel fulfillments etc. from the Shopify Order UI.


However, we're running into some issues.

When registering a fulfilment service Shopify creates a location. The product needs to be set to that location in order for the request fulfilment UI to show up on the order.

That causes some issues though.

When the product is set to the location for the fulfilment service the inventory transfers doesn't work and the POS can't see the products anymore, as they're not registered on the correct location anymore.

The fulfilment service is set to inventory_management = false.

Are we using the fulfilment service flow for unintended purposes? or what are we getting wrong?

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Interesting, I also have this same question..