Get update when Order (or FulfillmentOrder) is placed On Hold

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What is the best way to know when an Order (or rather, FulfillmentOrder) is placed on hold?


I need to add tags and update the note attributes when the Order is placed on hold.



It does not appear the Shopify Flow has any options for when an Order is updated.


There is a webhook for Fulfillment update, but it's unclear if this is when a Fulfillment is updated (which I assume it is, and is being deprecated) or when a Fulfillment Order is updated.


Is there a way to know when a FulfillmentOrder is updated?



Additionally, if the Fulfillment update webhook fires when the fulfillment status is updated, that won't solve my needs as if the Order has a digital item (which is automatically fulfilled) it's status may not be On hold, but rather Partially fulfilled

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