[GraphQL] Cannot register to locations webhooks

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I tried to register with graphql to the following webhooks: "LOCATIONS_CREATE", "LOCATIONS_UPDATE" and "LOCATIONS_DELETE" (see  webhooksubscriptiontopic )

The subscription to them failed, and I got as an error message: You cannot create a webhook subscription with the specified topic (in "webhookSubscriptionCreate.userErrors")

I added well the permission read_locations for the api scopes, I got this problem only for those webhooks, others work well.

Does someone have any idea why ?

Does it work for you when you register to those webhooks ?

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Doing a small up of the post, if by any chance someone could try to see if It's a bug or if It's on my side, thanks.

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Hey @renan ,


As it currently stands, right now it is not possible for 3rd party applications to subscribe to the webhook topics of  "LOCATIONS_CREATE", "LOCATIONS_UPDATE" and "LOCATIONS_DELETE". These topics are currently restricted.


In the short term, we will try to have the documentation updated so that these topics are removed from the list of GraphQL Webhook Topics and others are not confused by this as well. In the long term, we will try to open these topics up so that 3rd party apps can subscribe to these topics as well. 




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