How can I receive "Contact Us" form data in an external system.

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1. I have a shopify store. It have the default contact us page set.
2. Any data submitted from that page is received as an email on my shopify registered email address.


My queries:

1. Does shopify stores this submitted form data at their end?

2. Is there a webhook event which fires when a customer makes a submission?

3. Which API or API endpoint can I call to fetch this data manually into an external system?

My requirement:

1. I want to send this data from Shopify to an external system.

2. I want a way to manually fetch this data into an external system using Shopify API.


Any help, or guidance will be highly appreciated.



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There are so many apps available for extracting data. You can use a plugin to receive Contact us form data in an external system. I can suggest you an app that is compatible with your app and you can easily export the data.

I hope this information helped you.


Plugin Link - 

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Thanks Nishant for your suggestion.
But I am part of a developer team developing an application in an external system. We're looking to achieve this functionality without using any other plugin or app.

Kindly let me know if it is possible.

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I have the exact same queries...