How do I implement a GDPR webhook with the Shopify node app?

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Hi all, I have used "$ shopify create node" to create my app and added this GDPR endpoint to server.js:"/webhooks/customers/data_request", async (ctx) => {
    console.log("(test) webook POST request: ", ctx);
    ctx.body = { message: "No customer data is stored" };
    ctx.res.statusCode = 200;

  router.get("(.*)", verifyRequest(), async (ctx) => {
    await handle(ctx.req, ctx.res);
    ctx.respond = false;
    ctx.res.statusCode = 200;


However, when I make a curl request to my app `curl -d {}` I get a "Forbidden HTTP 403" returned.

Is the wildcard forcing "verifyRequest" onto every url route?

I don't collect any user data, all the logic is done client side with no mutations, but I'd like to implement this.

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