How many webhooks are allowed per topic/app/store?

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I am trying to register an app/uninstalled webhook on my app in two separate backend services: the nodejs backend that comes with the sample app, as well as a separate C# backend I am developing. When I register the webhook in the C# backend, I am able to verify that the registration was successful by making a call to the /admin/api/2022-07/webhooks.json REST api. However, when I continue execution and the nodejs app creates its webhook registration for the same topic, a subsequent call to the /webhooks.json REST api shows the webhook for the C# backend has been replaced with the webhook for the nodejs backend.

Below are the two REST calls: the first is done immediately after the C# backend creates its webhook (on a breakpoint), the second is done after execution is allowed to proceed and the nodejs backend creates its webhook.

ethan@BEASTMODE:~$ curl -X GET "" -H "X-Shopify-Access-Token: {redacted}"

ethan@BEASTMODE:~$ curl -X GET "" -H "X-Shopify-Access-Token: {redacted}"


Am I correct in assuming that I can only have one app/uninstalled webhook registered per store per app? If so, does this limitation extend to any webhook topic? And, finally, is this limitation called out in documentation anywhere?

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