How to allow users to re-authenticate and update app through outside site

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Users that have integrated their Shopify store with our platform and have already downloaded our app need to periodically update our app, which will produce a new access token for us to re-authenticate their integration with our latest app version. 

To accomplish this, we were providing a "Re-Authenticate" button on our site if we know a user has previously authenticated with us (been through the App Listing Page > Add App > OAuth Page > Install App flow). If a user had previously downloaded the app and went again through the typical authentication flow, they would get stuck on the App Listing page, because the app is already installed. So, this re-authenticate button would send the user right to the OAuth page to update the app, be redirected back to our site, and give us a fresh access token.

However, when redirecting the user right to OAuth from the Re-Authenticate button, we are either seeing a looping issue, a 302 error, or a 403 error. We have already whitelisted the proper redirect URI, so we are assuming that our IP is getting banned by Shopify.

Is there another process to go through to re-authenticate a user's integration?


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