How To Make A Public App For Payments

How To Make A Public App For Payments

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I was searching for resources on how to make a payment gateway for Shopify to build as a public app. I've seen tutorials on public app making but no solid tutorial for creating a payment gateway app. Can anyone suggests or guide me, or is there any skeleton-like WooCommerce provides. I'm from a PHP stack & would appreciate it if anyone could give any example app or guideline from which I'll be able to create mine. I want to use the Laravel PHP SDK if it's possible to do with it. Thanks in advance.



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Hi there,


Shopify just updated their app creation CLI with PHP templates. Log into your Partners dashboard, create app and run the CLI. In there you should find what you are looking for.


I should note that you cannot access Payment APIs unless you have been approved by the Payments team to build a payment gateway. There is no way around this.

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