How to set up a API Key to Shopify?

How to set up a API Key to Shopify?

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I'm building a website for a Real estate agent, and they need to connect the house archive to the website. 

(i have removed the checkout function, so the Shopify store, look more like a website) 


But i can't find a solution to how i connect the API KEY, i have tried with and APP i made, and so on.. but i'm not a APP coder or a Website coder. So i am out of my field. 


It's from this house archive are, and they have some info. on this link: 

And i have made a API KEY: 


But I just can't find a solution on how to get it set up for the Shopify website. 
I have talked with both support lines, Shopify Support and Shopify Partner Support, but with out luck to find a solution, so i hope there is someone in this community, that can help? 

(i have been struggling with this problem for 3 weeks now, almost 4 weeks)

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