Ingest shopify events into AWS dynamodb

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Hello, I've been trying to figure out how to get changes made to products in the shopify store applied into AWS DynamoDB tables. I think the webhooks + eventbridge setup should be ideal to do that, here's what I've done so far

1- I followed the documentation from here

2- I've deployed this AWS pre-built application as a starting point


The AWS partner event source is active,

I have a rule on the event bus which the pattern matches on the account id, so it should be matching all events (right?)


  "account": ["<redacted aws account id>"]


and the target is a lambda


That lambda simply log the event received to cloudwatch for now and will handle the dynamodb work later.

However, whenever I edit a product in the shopify admin, I can't see anything being fired up on the AWS side. 


What am I missing ?



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