Is there a `companies/update` webhook topic?

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I'm working on an app with a b2b focus, and I'd like to have access to a webhook to see when the shop owner updates a company in the system. I can find many webhooks in the topics list, including `customers/update`, but not any that relate to companies. I thought perhaps `customers/update` included companies, but it does not. Does this functionality exist? Are there any viable workarounds if it doesn't?

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Hey @tobiasatportul, 

After a bit of digging, it looks like there aren't currently webhook topic for the B2B objects currently available. There is always a updated list of webhook topics listed in both the REST webhook doc and GraphQL WebhookSubscriptionTopic emun doc, as well as example payloads.

While topics correspond with an action associated with a specific object/resource, not all objects/actions trigger a webhook (eg. the company object here). In this case, the customer and company objects aren't specifically related, and based on our docs there are webhooks for the B2B objects. 

We did have a few ideas for workarounds. First, though webhooks for the most part send a predefined payload, there are other ways to attach important or unique data depending on the object by using metafields - examples of how to create a customer metafield in REST as well as in GraphQL. Alternatively, you could also experiment with a BulkOperation query to pull the data with a more asynchronous approach.

Hope this offers some clarification, and a few ideas to test for the time being - Cheers!

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