Re: Issues With Orders Not Triggering Webhook

Issues With Orders Not Triggering Webhook

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We work with a fulfillment center that is doing all the logistics for us. They created a webhook that gets started whenever somebody makes an order on our website. Then the data gets pushed to them and they can fulfill the order.  (the webhook fires on ORDERS_PAID; receives order-data in json from shopify)


Since recently we are working with the marketplace integrator channable ( to sell on other platforms.


Whenever somebody makes an order on one of the marketplaces all the data is sent to our shopify platform through channable. This works well so far. We can see the order in our shopify system.


HOWEVER the data is not pushed to our fulfillment center. It only shows up in our shopify orders tab (just to clarify: it is still working when orders are coming from our website!).


Does anybody have an idea what the reason behind this is? Or maybe even have a solution for it?


Could it be that the order is already sent as "paid" to our system? If so.. how can we make shopify trigger the webhook?


Any help is highly appreciated!


Further info from our fulfillment partner:


The webhook fires on 


Then we get order-data in json form shopify.

We believe that an order changes status when paid. This is the trigger to fire the webhook.

The order which comes from 3th into Shopify doesn't follow this process.

This order will not change status from not paid to paid. So Shopify doesn't fire the webhook.

According channable, shopify only accepts orders transmitted to Shopify on one/this way.



P.S.: @ShopifyDevSup The former thread closed without an answer and I was told by support to repost:

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Hi @domster1337 👋


As mentioned in the previous thread, we will need to take a closer look at these orders with permissions to the store. Without knowing exactly how these orders are "imported", it's unclear which webhook event will be triggered. A common workflow for importing orders is using a draft order then completing the draft order. In this workflow, the ORDER_CREATE webhook would be more appropriate. 


Please contact partner support here using an authenticated account with permissions to the merchant store/orders and the app. Be sure to provide the team with the below details and reference this forum post for additional context.


  1. your app ID
  2. merchant's store ID
  3. webhook topic from this list
  4. order ID that does not appear to have triggered the webhook
  5. steps to replicate "importing" an order




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I just signed up. Let's hope this will work. Thank you!