Managing webhook api versions programmatically

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Hello all,


I am trying to wrap my head around how I should handle this situation I have with my webhooks and the API version. My current setup involves creating webhooks through the REST API instead of creating them through the admin. I do this because I am attaching metafield_namespaces to the webhooks so I can differentiate them plus to make it easier to install for my clients (automating this for them). I don't have direct access to their admin area. They just go through an installation script on my end where they provide their API information for me to do my magic with.


The problem I see is that when they create their private app, if I tell them to set the current release version for the webhook API version and then that version is deprecated in the future, how do I handle getting them to update the version in the admin and then updating the webhooks I have made to that new API version?


Do I just create a new process where they can go to a webpage app where they authorize me to update their webhooks and I just go through the process of deleting the old and adding the new after verifying the request works on the new API version? I need a solution that will be easy to use for non-techy people.


Appreciate any thoughts on this.



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Hey @VexedNTT ,


Not sure if you figured this one out on your own, but you can try sending your clients this document:


This is a pretty simple doc that explains step by step how they can easily update webhook versions for their private app. It should be pretty easy for even non-tech folks to follow.


To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.